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...about Anna Anton

About Anna Anton

It’s often the case that circumstances in someone’s life suddenly lead them into discovering a new path that previously seemed hidden…

I have had a lifelong love of animals, but it was during an intense period of working with rescue animals that I began to realise they were trying to give me specific messages. I would get the feeling from a dog that he had an ear infection, so I would advise a vet visit. I would ‘hear’ that a cat was unhappy with his name and what he would prefer to be called.

Anna Anton

But none of this prepared me for the day when a rabbit, Jake, made it clear to me he was going to die. I was volunteering in a rescue centre that day and was asked to assess his quality of life so I reached out and stroked him. That was when I had the sensation of electricity shooting up my arm, tears sprang from my eyes and I inexplicably knew he was going to die. Even more incredible, I knew that he knew this too. The owner of the centre phoned me to say that he died the next day.

After this experience and other similar ones, I realised that this was something I needed to develop for the sake of the animals. I could find no other animal communicator working in the UK, so I set about teaching myself using my intuitive and empathic abilities, working with vets and animals in rescue centres. I then began to work with photographs of animals, which meant I could reach more animals and faster by helping people over the phone. I set up workshops so that my friends and others could learn the techniques of this wonderful gift and become closer to their own animals.

Later I was able to study with other animal communicators, including those not resident in the UK such as Amelia Kinkade, and I completed courses in animal healing.

I’ve spoken with many animals of all species – those still with us and those passed over. Vets regularly refer animals to me, as when they have drawn a blank with treatment options, the only thing left to do is ask the animal themselves how they are feeling.

I conduct all my communications with complete honesty and compassion. The chat we have surrounding the communication will include everything you wish to know – all the questions you want to ask of your animal companion plus a positive way forward.

I am happy to give Reiki or natural spiritual healing to any animal, and this I use in conjunction with communication.  Please consult a vet first if your animal is ill.

You will find me listed in Penelope Smith’s Animal Communicator’s Directory/Europe. She is a highly respected animal communicator who has been working with animals since 1971.


Anna works with animals anywhere in the world, using photographs, via phone, Skype or Zoom, and she will also talk with your loved ones who have already transitioned


Her inspiring workshops are currently all online, totally interactive and in small groups with personal and ongoing support


When Anna shared with me what Diego had told her, she did it with kindness and compassion, and very importantly, without judgement. She then made practical suggestions about what I could change to help Diego. As a result of this, both Diego and I are happier, and our bond has strengthened beyond measure. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of their pet.

Lisa, Homeopath, Hailsham, East Sussex


I asked Anna to communicate with my horse Oscar when I was in the process of buying him. I felt there were issues with him physically and I wanted to confirm that he was the horse for me.  Anna was extremely accurate on a number of issues including a problem with the right hind leg. The same problem was picked up later by the vet who checked Oscar over. Oscar’s sense of humour and kindness came across strongly and this turned out to be very accurate. I was in no doubt Anna was in communication with Oscar and I am very grateful to her for what she was able to tell me. It certainly helped me to make the decision to buy Oscar.

Jane Horsman, Equine Shiatsu Practitioner


Once more, thank you very much for talking with Sissi. It’s strange but every time we talk on the phone after you spoke to one of my girls I have this  sensation of “peacefulness” all over me…like some kind of different awareness…as if for a moment I can see the world through their eyes and everything seems so light and so easy…almost like air.

Theodossiou, Norway


Thank you so much for talking with Rommel yesterday. Not only did it help me in looking after him but it had a wonderful effect on him. He woke up in high spirits – better than he has been for weeks, and is altogether better all round today. I think you must have taken a burden off his mind.

Jennifer, Polegate


Thank you again Anna so much for everything you’ve done for me & Magey.  Jackie said I’d feel much closer to Magey after speaking with you & how reassured I’d be but I had no idea how comforting & insightful & potentially life changing it would be – thank you with all my heart. I will never forget our conversations & the closeness this has brought me.

You are an angel on earth.  

Love, Jan xx