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Currently and for the foreseeable future my workshops and animal communication training will be done online. Animal guests will still join us online, and in fact it’s easier to work in different ways with more varied techniques and I have found that my students’ progress is faster than teaching a weekend in person. It also allows me to work internationally and have a greater variety of species of animal guests. When it’s possible and safe to do so, I will resume teaching at my home with animal guests visiting as before, as well as continuing online workshops. (The photo shows students talking with Timmy the tortoise in the garden)

Introduction Workshop

The first workshop is an introduction/taster which lasts 3 hours and comprises just 8 people. In this, I will explain the ‘mechanics’ of animal communication, and show you how it’s a skill that can be learned. By the end of this short workshop, you will be talking with animals and getting information which I can verify. I can also explain how my techniques work to enhance the accuracy of your communications.

Skills Development Workshop

The second workshop is basically what I usually cover in a weekend workshop, but split into four modules with homework in between. The times and days of the modules will be configured to suit the group, which will be no bigger than six people. This workshop is also suitable for complete beginners.

This course comprises four modules which will take place on Zoom. Each will last about 3 hours (having breaks where needed), and deal with various aspects of animal communication, including talking with animal guests ‘in person’ and via photos.

Homework in between each module will include reading articles for discussion (I will scan and send these), and also case studies working individually from photos. The case studies will be discussed at the live sessions to explore our various methods of working and how we can further refine techniques and learn from one another. The guardian will be present to validate your information.

Module 1:
  • Speaking only in the positive.
  • Practice and development – different ways of communicating.
  • Asking good questions to get the best quality answers.
  • Good listening and blocks to animal communication.
Module 2:
  • Body scanning and how to interpret the results.

  • Animal healing.

  • Self-protection after communication.

  • The power of intention and how to use it.

  • How to detach from the outcome of a communication session.

Module 3:
  • Talking with animals in spirit.

  • The process of death and dying and how communication can help.

  • How animals view death.

  • Using animal communication before getting another animal.

Module 4:
  • Tracking lost animals – are they still in their body?
  • Questions to ask to help find them.
  • Why animals stray.
  • Difficult case studies.
  • Ending with practical questions about where you wish to take your animal communication from here.

Next Workshops:

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I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for this weekend. It was such a wonderful experience in so many ways. You are truly a gift to the world and I feel privileged to know you.

Lisa H. Chiswick


Anna is a very sensitive person and  her way of transmitting her knowledge is so straightforward and accessible to everybody ! Her workshop has been an amazing experience to me, I have had fun,  I have felt very emotionally involved and most important: now I know that I CAN communicate with animals! I would highly recommend Anna’s workshop to anyone!

Paola Simonelli, Italy


I found the workshops both enjoyable and eye-opening.  Everyone was made to feel welcome and I found the small group size made the learning an intimate and friendly experience where everyone was given the opportunity to participate as much or as little as they wished.  I found Annaʼs style of teaching warm and engaging.  I felt she had a real gift for making animal communication immediate and accessible.

Christina H. Kent


I enrolled in Anna’s 4-week zoom course and, to my delight, after learning the basic principles, we started practising our own communication with animals on the first day – both live animal guests and through photos. Anna gave us a lot of individual attention and was very non-judgemental and encouraging and with Anna’s guidance and confirmation of facts by the animals’ owners/guardians, our confidence gradually grew.

Anna’s teaching was clear and matter of fact. While she encourages kindness, respect and empathy for animals, she is also very down to earth. She often assists vets, as well as guardians with difficult decisions. Despite having many years of experience, and being a very competent professional communicator, Anna is humble about her own abilities

Juliet C.


I recently signed up for Anna’s four weekly Zoom workshops, and it was a marvellous way to learn and communicate with animals. Everyone got on well together and Anna was an amazing teacher. She helped us build our confidence and skills, and emailed between the four sessions. A great way to learn, and Anna encouraged us to help each other practice by forming a student group after the course was completed.

D. Clarke