We live our lives alongside these wonderful creatures and yet we take it for granted that we know what’s best for them. But do we know our animals as well as we think we do?

Not so long ago I had cause to take one of my rabbits, Humphrey, for a pretty serious operation. I have four rabbits who live together in my house, and I asked Humphrey who he would like to accompany him. He asked for Potter, and so he went into hospital with him. Sadly, Humphrey had to have a further operation three weeks later and was back in hospital with Potter to keep him company.

After they had both been home for a while, I made eye contact with Potter as he was sitting on the stairs, and I thanked him for taking care of Humphrey. My logical mind wanted to answer for him, saying something along the lines of …’ That’s OK, happy to do my bit’. He didn’t, however, say that… He gazed at me intently and said “DON’T make me do that again!”

Enlisting the help of an animal communicator can clear up misunderstandings between guardian and animal. Information can be exchanged, and questions asked as to what your pet is thinking or feeling at any given time.

Learning animal communication is a gift you can give yourself and your furry friends. Relearning what you instinctively knew as a child, but was put to one side when language and the grown-up world took over. I can help you as I’ve helped hundreds already to regain this skill. It’s far easier than you think.

To start with, sit with your friend for a while and don’t strain. Send love from your heart. Have confidence in yourself and trust that what you receive from them is true and isn’t all ‘in your mind’. It isn’t. It’s you opening up to a new and exciting means of communication which may not use spoken words, but feelings and pictures instead. It’s not about you, it’s about them, so get out of your own way and you’re more than half way there!